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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Adoption Links

Here are some useful and semiuseful sites I have found while researching Kazakhstan and Adoption

General Adoption Resources


European Adption Consultants is the agency we used for adopting in Russia and Kazakhstan. EAC is a licensed adoption agency, located in the State of Ohio. EAC assists in the adoption of children by qualified families in the United States and other countries. EAC provides pre- and post- adoption services for clients to facilitate international placements of legally orphaned and abandoned children

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We have started discussion group for EAC families.


The American Academy of Pediatrics: Committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescencts and young adults

The National Adoption Center "The largest adoption resource index on the internet"

AdoptINFO is a collection of information, research, opinion and policy documents related to adoption and issues facing adoptive families. AdoptINFO provides current and future adoptive families, policy makers and professionals with ongoing electronic access to the latest information resources on adoption.

COMEUNITY : Adoption and Children with Special Needs

The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, a comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption, is a service of the Children's Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services

The National Council For Adoption has one goal in mind - To help as many children as possible find permanent homes through adoption

Orphan Angels Bringing you our own special version of children's entertainment products plus up-to-date news and notes on adoption-related issues

Adoption Today Magazine


Here is a site that has Russian items. Access Russia has a wide variety of unique Russia-related items. There are books covering Russia's history and historical figures of interest, children's favorite folk tales and the latest fiction bestsellers by Russian authors. Learn about the Russian culture from our unique video collection, featuring award winning documentaries. Enjoy the sounds and music of Russia from our CD selection. You will find maps, both in Russian and English, of Russia and its popular cities, as well as USA maps for the Russian visitor. Learning Russian and learning English programs are available for the beginner to the advanced.

The initial outlay of cash for an adoption is large and this often restricts adoption to people in the upper financial tiers. This restricts the pool of potential parents even though many prospective parents have an income level that would allow them to comfortably raise children. We are most interested in providing sufficient funds that will allow an adoption to proceed. Currently we fund only international adoptions.Loan eligibility is determined by financial need. Our objective is to provide loans for prospective parents who would not be able to continue with an adoption because of lack of funds.



This was an excellent card and at 33 cents a minute it was over a dollar a minute cheaper than any other plan!
You have to have a paid email account for verification and
someone will call you (from a European number) to verify that is is indeed you making the request for the phone card, after verification you can add time via the internet/email address. The connection was clear, and better than the ATT connection, which had the annoying satellite delay!
We paid $16 for a 50 minute card.